Friday, May 1, 2009

Total Weight Watchers weight loss: 24 lbs.
My goal (last October) was to lose 25 lbs. within the next year. And I’ve actually done it in four months! Thanks Weight Watchers! Hopefully I can keep it off. I’ve stopped tracking my points (I did it RELIGIOUSLY for the last few months), but I think I won’t want to do that forever. So now I just know about how many points things are and how many I’ve eaten throughout the day and am not being such a stickler. I’m really happy with how I look and feel now, so if I can just maintain that- I’ll be happy.

I finished up my first week of training this week. It’s humbling and exhausting to be trained for so long. It’s really hard feeling like you’re just following someone around all day, every day. But, I’m learning how to do things by myself. Today I emptied a catheter drainage bag all by myself. And I helped a woman off the toilet and back onto her wheel chair all by myself. That might sound stupid, but moving old, frail people really scares me. But, boy oh boy, I calculated my first paycheck and boy WILL it all be worth it!

I convinced Kyle to take me out for fish fry tonight! WOOHOO!

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