Saturday, August 28, 2010

On Friday Kyle had planned shoulder surgery. So, Charlotte spent some time with Grandma Jan while Lynn and I sat in the doctor's office catching up on the news. Kyle's surgery went really well, but he didn't respond well to the pain medicine. He came home and was so sick. Late that night we finally got the doctor to change his prescription and he was so much better. He hardly had any pain and no sickness, praise God! Unfortunately, Kyle can't really pick up Charlotte, but he can hold her if she's put in his arms.

Here is another ridiculously long collection of photos of our dear Charlotte:

My favorite.

Asleep in Grandma Lynn's arms


Charlotte and Jackson

Friday, August 27, 2010

On Thursday we met some of our friends in Lincoln Square and introduced Charlotte. I went out to the square with some girlfriends for lunch and gelato at this place called Paciugo- they have really amazing flavors like chocolate coconut curry and Mediterranean sea-salt caramel- yum! Meanwhile, Charlotte and Kyle had a date in Roscoe Village getting some Thai food- one of Kyle's favorite, but I hate it, so that worked out perfectly.

Auntie Megan and Uncle Scott

Charlotte and Becky

Charlotte and Al

In the evening, we had a family dinner at Maggiano's. Charlotte wore the cutest dress ever from Auntie Megan.

Family photo

I love this girl

He does too


Thursday, August 26, 2010

On Wednesday, we got up early and went to the Green City Farmer's Market in Lincoln Park. I put Charlotte in her overalls and she was a hit. We bought some delicious raspberries and blackberries, some cheese spread, and some homemade bread.

Charlotte, in her new favorite city!

After that, we headed up north where Great-Grandma Tina and Grandma Patti, Grandpa Rich, Auntie Katie, and Uncle Ben graciously watched Charlotte all day so that Kyle and I could meet our youth group at Great America. It was so fun! Kyle's favorite was Superman, mine was Batman. We had a blast playing games and talking with our youth group kids in the long lines. Our dinner plans with the kids didn't work out, so on the way home, Kyle and I stopped at this awesome Superdawg in Wheeling for some Chicago-style dogs. A perfect ending to a great day!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

On Tuesday we met the Strom boys and Courtney at the zoo. Charlotte slept most of the time, but we had fun. Thanks, Rills, for the zoo pass!

Looking at the seals

Caleb and Jackson climbing around

Charlotte ate while the boys climbed

She took her first ride in the Baby Bjorn- and left a big sweat mark on my tank top!

Looking at the apes

After the zoo, we visited Mor Mor


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The first day of our trip was a busy one. We went over to Grandma Jan's to see a bunch of our Duckhorn family. My mom had a pool party for all of the kids and a barbecue- it was so fun!

Charlotte and Great-Grandma Tina

Me and my Aunt Barbie

Charlotte with Great-Grandpa Duckhorn

How lucky is Charlotte to have NINE great-grandparents?!

With Auntie Amy and cousin Tori

Charlotte and Auntie Katie

Charlotte and Great-Aunt Barbie

Charlotte and Great-Grandma Duckhorn

Charlotte and Uncle Ben

Monday, August 23, 2010

Two weeks ago, Charlotte took her first official vacation road trip down to Chicago! She did so great, and because Kyle and I planned on taking a leisurely trip from the start, we did too. I even made a bunch of fancy trail mixes from some Rachael Ray magazines, but I couldn't really eat much of them because of Weight Watchers. BUT, they were really cool flavors like banana split, apple pie, and cheeseburger and fries.

First stop- McDonald's in town for lunch

In town I purchased some wrist and foot rattles for Charlotte for the car ride

Second stop- Starbuck's

Our third stop was at Qdoba, but this is a picture of Charlotte after I hopped in the back seat during a traffic jam in the northern suburbs of Chicago. We had been on the road for about eight hours- doesn't Charlotte look great?!

The next morning after we got in, Grayden helped Kyle watch Charlotte while I went for a run

Saturday, August 21, 2010

On the Saturday before we left for vacation we went to Katy and Kyle's wedding reception. Kyle is our camp pastor, Bill's, son. Many, many friends were there and Charlotte was able to snuggle with them! At the end of this evening, I spent some time with my friends, Alicia and Sam while Kyle was able to go to the demolition derby in town. Sam babysat for Charlotte that night so that Kyle and I could go out with some other friends. Thanks Auntie Sam!!!

Auntie Heather

Auntie Sara

Dustin, awkwardly holding Charlotte

Other Auntie Megan

The bride and groom

Charlotte's party shoes... that were too big on her, but I put them on anyway

Friday, August 20, 2010

My heart is heavy. My dear, sweet 15-year-old cousin, Rebekah Lynn, passed away last Tuesday. It was a tragic accident that some may have heard about. For more information you can go to and search Rebekah Toia. I don't really wish to dwell on the details here. She was a beautiful, talented, intelligent, sweet girl that I will miss terribly. Her wake and funeral were beautiful celebrations of her life. I love you, sweet Beks.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Charlotte wore her bear hat again the other day. It's my favorite. And her face is my favorite.

My favorite of the favorites.

The "Aunt Barbie hold."