Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I have never really considered myself a competitive person.
Generally I don't care about winning too much.
I'm perfectly fine playing a friendly game of whatever.

But, I do, generally, like to be good at what I'm doing.
If I get frustrated during a "friendly game of whatever" (a rarity), it's not usually because I'm losing, but because I'm not doing well.
Ask my dad about me crying because I came in 9th at a gymnastics meet or crying because I couldn't perfectly anatomically draw a football player at the very experienced age of 6.

So, last night when we were at our second childbirth education class, we were watching more videos of childbirth. I felt like I should feel terrified, but I actually felt a deep sense of confidence. Again, I just kept feeling like, "I can TOTALLY do this." It was so strange and almost counter-intuitive to watch these women panting and breathing heavily, with pained looks on their faces and thinking at the same time about how confident I felt about doing the exact same thing.

And then our instructor was talking about pushing and the importance of listening to your nurses coaching you and continuing to push through contractions and everything in my brain was saying, "I want to be AWESOME at that."

This might sound masochistic or something, but I'm almost looking forward to it. Like I looked forward to pre-season volleyball boot camp. Or doing a 20 mile run and then sinking into a bathtub of ice. Kind of a "bring it on" kind of feeling. You know?
We have just a few pictures of the baby's room. It is still not fully decorated or organized, so I don't have that many pictures (they would mostly be of boxes everywhere anyway). But here are some glimpses.

The handy man putting together the furniture.

Putting on the bed skirt.

Her little crib (hastily made up... we still need to wash everything).

A few weeks ago my friend, Alma, sent me this quilt that she made. It is my favorite colors and I love owls! I'm nuts about it!

A few Sundays ago, my mom, sister, and stepmom threw me a lovely shower at my mom's house. We were so blessed to receive SO MANY gifts and have almost everything that we need. The food was delicious and it was so great to see so much of my family- I wish I could have had more time to talk to everyone!

The twins and the twins.

Grandma Duck and Aunt Barb

Basket of goodies from mom.

Sweater and hat made by Lynn. Red- my favorite!

My helpers- they were fantastic!

Monday, April 26, 2010

"L" is for...

The Latest Look at our Little Lady:

When we were in Chicago, Brooke took us to get a 3D ultrasound at her work. The weird swooshy thing shading her eyes is her foot- how flexible!

I think she looks like Kyle in this picture. I'm not sure I could explain why, though.

Her little profile.
I love her little face SO MUCH!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

We got a Flip video camera at my last baby shower from my Aunt Linda and cousins, Shannon and Kelly. It is so amazing! I took this video of Kyle putting together our crib last night, just to test it out. More pictures of the baby's room to come after we finish assembling the furniture tonight!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We had our 30-week doctor's appointment yesterday and our doctor said that I was the easiest patient he's ever had. I do what I can.

We also went to our first of two childbirth education classes last night at the hospital we'll deliver in. It was really good. We got a tour of the OB wing and got to see a room and our hospital is so nice. I saw the little crib that your baby sleeps in in your room and I just wanted our little girl to be in there already so bad! We were advised that there are only 3 anesthesiologists around and 1 of them is always on call, but there is a 30% chance he might not be available to administer an epidural, if he is otherwise occupied. So, please pray that he is available the day I go in to labor.

Our instructor talked to us about and we watched a video on labor stress management techniques, and later Kyle and I were talking about being in labor and I just kept thinking, "I ran a marathon. I can totally do this. I was in pain and it wasn't usually fun, but I knew there was an end and I was so excited to get there." I'm just so glad I did that, I think it really mentally prepared me. Aaaaaaaaaaand- I'm so excited to do it again after we have this baby! And the whole time I'm running, I'll think, "I gave birth to a baby, I can totally do this..."

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The other night Kyle and I went upstairs to the baby's room to put away some things from our shower and vacuum up the plentiful dead flies.

I hung up a bunch of her little dresses and jackets- they are so tiny!

I stacked up all of her cute little receiving blankets. Yes, there are bowling pins on one of them (from my friend, Sam- something about the Big Lebowski for Kyle)

Then Kyle decided to try out our Baby Bjorn with the Pooh bear my mom gave us. He has it on right because he can kiss the top of the "baby's" head just by leaning forward :)

Doesn't he look like such an excited daddy?

On another note- Praise God! I finally slept through the night without the use of any drugs and I feel AWESOME. I think I got a solid 9-10 hours! I have seriously tried EVERYTHING to sleep.

five pillows in twenty different configurations
making my bed firmer
making my bed softer
limiting my liquids at night
drinking milk before I go to sleep
stretching before I go to sleep
exercising during the day
just getting up when I can't sleep to make me sleepy
having a snack before bed, etc.

Tylenol PM was the only thing that seemed to help, except that I often felt like I got hit by a truck the entire day following. Last night I purchased some of those Breathe Right nasal strips at the grocery store- they are a miracle! Being congested is strangely a pregnancy symptom, and apparently was what was keeping me up at night. I highly recommend those little strips!

Monday, April 12, 2010

On Sunday my sister, Amy, and best friend, Megan, threw me my first (of several) baby shower. It was so fun! It was rubber ducky themed, so everything was yellow (including the guests) and there were ducks and little-kid type food and snacks everywhere.

Megan, an aspiring cake decorator, MADE these amazing ducky cupcakes and they were so yummy!

Amy put together these cutey favors from Bath and Body Works.

Peanut butter and jelly sushi!

Megan had each guests tie-dye a onesie for the baby and they turned out so cute!

Present opening time! I received this doll from Joe, Kassi, and Dave.

And and tomtar onesie!

A sign for the baby to hang on her door.

Joe and Sara

Heather and Sam

Joe, Kassi, and Kyle (making a kooky face)

Megan and Scott

Thanks, Amy and Megan- I had a blast! And thanks everyone for coming!