Thursday, April 15, 2010

The other night Kyle and I went upstairs to the baby's room to put away some things from our shower and vacuum up the plentiful dead flies.

I hung up a bunch of her little dresses and jackets- they are so tiny!

I stacked up all of her cute little receiving blankets. Yes, there are bowling pins on one of them (from my friend, Sam- something about the Big Lebowski for Kyle)

Then Kyle decided to try out our Baby Bjorn with the Pooh bear my mom gave us. He has it on right because he can kiss the top of the "baby's" head just by leaning forward :)

Doesn't he look like such an excited daddy?

On another note- Praise God! I finally slept through the night without the use of any drugs and I feel AWESOME. I think I got a solid 9-10 hours! I have seriously tried EVERYTHING to sleep.

five pillows in twenty different configurations
making my bed firmer
making my bed softer
limiting my liquids at night
drinking milk before I go to sleep
stretching before I go to sleep
exercising during the day
just getting up when I can't sleep to make me sleepy
having a snack before bed, etc.

Tylenol PM was the only thing that seemed to help, except that I often felt like I got hit by a truck the entire day following. Last night I purchased some of those Breathe Right nasal strips at the grocery store- they are a miracle! Being congested is strangely a pregnancy symptom, and apparently was what was keeping me up at night. I highly recommend those little strips!

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  1. Note to self: baby girl mecher does not need anymore receiving blankets! I'm glad that the Breathe Right strips are working for you. I'll remember that tip for my patients. I love the picture of all the little coats and dresses. It looks like Adeline and her cousin already have two matching outfits...the red flower dress and the brown with white flowers outfit. Adeline's is shorts though...yours looks like a dress. Did you get that from the Lourias too? That baby bjorn looks so small on Kyle. What a good daddy he's going to be.