Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Fun Day With the Rummelhoffs

Frozen yogurt break after swimming in the pool and going down our fancy waterslide.

Donuts and Dora!

Bath time.

"I talk to Uncle Colby!"

Tonight we went to Mario's Italian Lemonade stand. YUM-O. It was Charlotte and my maiden voyage. I got coconut and was not disappointed. Charlotte got strawberry. Most of it ended up on her shirt, legs, and shoes, but I think she enjoyed what she got in her mouth.

Newbies. I also fell in love with Taylor street and want to go back for a date night real soon!

Friday, July 20, 2012


I did not take that many pictures of my birthday celebrations, but here are my sister and Pete out at Garcia's with my mom and stepdad.

Charlotte's saying cheese.

On the morning of my birthday, Kyle went and got me Starbuck's and made me sticky buns. 

He also gave me flowers every month for a year! (Represented here by paper flowers made out of Trader Joe's bags).

Mmm mmm mmm. Delicious.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Month Ago at Camp...

I just found some pictures from camp that we never posted.
Here's Charlotte and Laurel in the sand volleyball pit, or the "sandbox" as Charlotte calls it- her favorite place at camp. Actually, we're pretty sure that Charlotte thinks the sandbox is camp. Sometimes we would be in our cabin and Charlotte would say, "I wanna go to caaaaaaaamp."

Some exciting aerial feats.

Hanging out at the Strom's.


More aeronautics.

Gotta love sandy swimsuits.

Some crazy boys floated by.

Charlotte getting a swim lesson.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Reading

This weekend, inspired by my friend, Cydney, we decided to fix up Charlotte's room. It's a little small and her furniture was taking up most of her space. We decided to move her dresser into the closet to make more room for playing. We ended up creating this little reading corner, which Charlotte LOVES and sits and reads in all of the time.

We also, inspired by my friend, Jenny, headed over to the Albany Park library- which is AWESOME- yesterday and signed Charlotte up for the summer reading program. She has to have 25 books read to her by August 4 and she'll receive a little book bag. We picked up a new Knuffle Bunny, or "Trixie" book (as Charlotte calls them) and another of Charlotte's favorites, Skippyjonjones. She is loving reading!