Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Moving on.

Our moving date is officially August 8th. We are both sad and excited to start something new. It will be really hard leaving camp, for Kyle especially. I've grown to love a lot of things about living at camp and about living in a small town... things that will be very different in Chicago. But, we're excited for new adventures. A new home. A new church. Different friends. Family. Seminary.

I'm interviewing for a teaching assistant job in Chicago this Friday. Keep us in your prayers, if you think of us. We really need a job while Kyle's in school and this one best fits our family's needs, we think.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This weekend we travelled down to Chicago to celebrate Charlotte's first birthday with a small amount of our family. It was a beautiful, fun day.

My sister Katie painstakingly assembled this very long birthday sign for Charlotte and then my dad painstakingly hung and re-hung and re-hung this very long birthday sign for Charlotte. Thanks, guys!

Delicious summer beverages.

Plenty of balloons and outdoor playing apparatus.

Watermelon appetizer.
Not pictured: popcorn from popcorn machine. Why didn't I take a picture of that?! It was so cool!

Flavored potato chip smorgasbord. Thank you, Archer Farms + Target.

Hot dogs with all the fixins.

Opening presents with cousins.

I love this picture of Adeline with her little hand on Kyle's shoulder.

She loves her books.

Sitting on her new placemat.

Singing Happy Birthday.

Dessert announcement.

Charlotte's Web cupcakes made by my best friend, Megan.

Do you think we had enough desserts? Five different pies, ice cream, cool whip, cookies, gluten free cookies, gluten free brownies, cupcakes, sugar cookies, and leftover birthday cake from another party.

Her very special Charlotte the spider cupcake from Auntie Megan!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The final installment of the birthday chair pictures!!!

I bought her this birthday badge that I was hoping she would wear on her birthday... not so much. She also just wanted to eat it for these pictures.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Charlie-cat turns ONE!

We started out the morning with the traditional sticky buns with Uncle Colby and Lauren.

We got her this Little Golden dinosaur book, which she LOVED.

Then, we went to the library.

Checking out the book kits.

Walking over to Scott's to get some ice cream.

Her very own "birthday cake ice cream" cone!

We had to swing on the swings on her birthday.

In the afternoon, Charlotte and I played in the canteen, reading books and climbing on couch cushions.

Charlie's cupcake.

She was dainty at first...

... then, not so much.

My favorite.

Extra rubbing in, for good measure.

Videos are coming soon!