Monday, June 6, 2011

Charlotte's first swim in Hagerman Lake!
Look for the video at the bottom...

She loves volleyball!

I'm really going to miss those forget-me-nots every spring.

And this tree by Cedar.

And this big tree by Maple. Look closely, Kyle and Charlotte are under it.


  1. she is SO adorable!! looks like she enjoyed the lake. I'm excited to see more pictures/videos of her summer fun.

  2. Oh, yay..she loves volleyball!
    FYI..I have forget me nots in my garden...and yes the "pilfering pelican" gave them to they are official U.P. forget me nots. They have spread everywhere...just beautiful.
    Also..Charlotte's first swim in Hagerman Lake was with Aunt Barbie and I...we put her toes into that icy cold lake 2 weeks ago.