Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The other night, Kyle set up our hammock with our pretty paper lanterns and some fresh fruit. It was so wonderful! I love him!!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Such a DAD.

This past weekend, Kyle and I spent Saturday readying our house for our little girl. We had to clear out space for her in the bathroom, kitchen, and garage. Who knew she would take up so much room in every room of the house? Kyle took some time to figure out our stroller, the car seat, and the car seat attachment for our stroller- which by the way is AWESOME. I couldn't be happier with the BOB!

Here he is with a stroller that is tall enough for him!

This is the stroller with the car seat attached to it. Because of this capability we can use our stroller right away! Although, I probably won't be running with all that extra weight on it just yet.

Once she is six months old and can hold her head up (which will be January...) the car seat attachment becomes a handy little tray to keep all of her accessories in.

And once she's old enough to be completely riveted by my sheer speed and agility on our runs, we will remove the tray and she will just sit back and enjoy the wind (or gentle breeze...) in her hair :)

And finally, the most "DAD" moment of all...

Kyle LOVES to wear this RIDICULOUS hat while mowing the lawn. In case you can't see it, it is definitely a forest green bucket hat. That also happens to be too small for his head.
I tried to put it in the furnace last winter, but he found and rescued it.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

For Grandma Jan.

My mom had this airplane when Amy and I were babies and she used to put it on her belly when she was pregnant with us. It's playing Fly Me to the Moon. The music box was broken when she gave it to me, but we replaced it and it's working perfectly now!

Friday, May 21, 2010

My hours at work have gradually been cut back. I am just training the new cooks now, so I'm only in there for a few hours in the morning. I spend the rest of my time reading The Baby Whisperer and The Half-Blood Prince, putting my feet up, making delicious fresh summery food at home, drawing for the baby's room, standing in and staring around the baby's room, suntanning (for brief periods of time- my body can't really take the heat- although, it's like my mom always says, "Tan fat is better than pasty white fat," I rather agree) with a fan blowing on me, playing with my camera, and avoiding the bees that are infesting camp and our house. All of this rest has very positively been affecting my sleep. Because my back isn't so achy from standing all day, I fall asleep in a snap. It's been pretty wonderful.

We're a little less than six weeks out! We can not wait to meet this little summer girl! Since I read in my email updates yesterday that babies born as early as 34 weeks can definitely make it and can do pretty well, I keep having fantasies that she'll come early (maybe not this early, but in a few weeks). Just humor me, everyone!

Here is what we have been up to lately:

I discovered, when I picked up my friend, Abby, in Wheaton to drive her up to camp, that Starbuck's makes re-usable travel cold cups now! When I was trying to buy a travel hot-cup this spring, I found one in Lake Geneva and decided to wait to buy it and then couldn't find it again FOREVER. So, as soon as I saw this I knew I had to buy it right away. It has not disappointed. I drank all of my beverages out of it yesterday and felt like I was at Starbuck's all day long. The only thing missing was Megan.

This is strawberry-hibiscus tea-lemonade. It sounds better than it turned out.

I have been dreaming about making homemade lemonade once it got summery enough and since it has been so summery the past few days (I'll get to that in a minute), I tried out a Martha Stewart recipe. I added less than half of the sugar that the recipe called for and tasted it and it was soooooo sugary that it was burning my throat. Not good. So, I decided to turn it into strawberry lemonade popsicles instead. Much better.

It has been so stinking warm here the past few days. Yesterday it was almost 90 degrees! I tried to suntan in the backyard for a little while, but I got so hot that I started to feel sick and had to go take a nap in the basement!

We've celebrated the warm weather by moving our armchairs on the front porch (and by we, I mean Kyle) and eating lunch out there in the afternoon. We also play Set and Boggle out there at night, until it gets too dark to see.

It's officially summer. Kyle brought out the paper lanterns. One of my many fabulous birthday presents from him last year.

The fresh summery food, of which I spoke earlier. On the left, we have lowfat chicken salad on a bed of fresh spinach and on the right we have whole-wheat macaroni salad, made with olive oil mayo, tuna, and fresh veggies (including chives from our garden! [yes, it is the only thing growing in there right now, but we're working on that...])

I love my life right now. And I love summer. It might be my new favorite season.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The last one...

Last weekend I had my last baby shower thrown by my mother-in-law, Lynn. It was another children's book themed party- do people know me or what? It was beautiful, the food was delicious, and I had such a great time! We are so blessed!

Lynn made these sugar cookie favors...


She even decorated the bathroom.

Mmmm, delicious coffee punch (mostly chocolate ice cream!)- HEAVEN!

Books, books everywhere.

Apparently, Lynn made up a story for her kids called the pink house that someone, many years later, had the same idea for and published. I guess it was so similar, down to some of the details. Weird!

Some of the loot.

My Kendell. I LOVE this girl!

The hostess with the mostest.

2/3 of my moms.

Future babysitter? I hope so!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I can't wait to be her again.

Except way more awesome.

Because I'll be a mom!

Monday, May 10, 2010

32 week belly.

Pensive about belly.

Trying not to have a double chin with belly.

Happy about contents of belly.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Today I had a baby shower at our church. Despite waking up to TWO INCHES OF SNOW, it was so cute and fun. Thank you to Linnea and Verl for hosting and to everyone who helped, came, and brought us a little something! I had a fabulous time!

Every table had cute little children's books on them...

... and beautiful flowers.

A cute rocking chair for opening presents. Someone pointed out while I was sitting on it and trying to hold a gift on my knees that I don't have much of a lap anymore- so true!

Verl brought this very special place setting just for me to use this morning- it has Peter Rabbit on it.

We played children's book and author bingo- so fun!

My very excellent helpers: Erika, on the right, handing me gifts, making sure I know where the cards are, cutting difficult ribbons open, and disposing of trash -and- Lisa, on the left, displaying gifts and being my secretary. Thanks, ladies!

Tons and tons and tons of clothes- this is only a fraction of them! I am spending most of the evening washing them all!

Crab onesie!

I didn't get a picture, because I was sitting right next to her and it would have been weird, but my friend and small group leader, Angie, gave a little devo that was so beautiful- so, thanks Angie!
This was a little project I did this week that I saw in Martha Stewart Weddings. They are flowers made with leftover wedding stationary. I'm really happy with how it turned out!