Monday, May 24, 2010

Such a DAD.

This past weekend, Kyle and I spent Saturday readying our house for our little girl. We had to clear out space for her in the bathroom, kitchen, and garage. Who knew she would take up so much room in every room of the house? Kyle took some time to figure out our stroller, the car seat, and the car seat attachment for our stroller- which by the way is AWESOME. I couldn't be happier with the BOB!

Here he is with a stroller that is tall enough for him!

This is the stroller with the car seat attached to it. Because of this capability we can use our stroller right away! Although, I probably won't be running with all that extra weight on it just yet.

Once she is six months old and can hold her head up (which will be January...) the car seat attachment becomes a handy little tray to keep all of her accessories in.

And once she's old enough to be completely riveted by my sheer speed and agility on our runs, we will remove the tray and she will just sit back and enjoy the wind (or gentle breeze...) in her hair :)

And finally, the most "DAD" moment of all...

Kyle LOVES to wear this RIDICULOUS hat while mowing the lawn. In case you can't see it, it is definitely a forest green bucket hat. That also happens to be too small for his head.
I tried to put it in the furnace last winter, but he found and rescued it.



  1. I like that the hat has a chin strap. Very practical for those speedy lawnmowers. Jim has a cowboy hat that he wears to mow the lawn. It must be in the male DNA to don a hat for mowing.

  2. The furnace? and you think I'm cold hearted! By the perfect, adorable husband wears a white Nike baseball hat and looks perfectly normal, like he could be on his way to play golf but, stopped to mow the lawn first...I'm just saying...

  3. Al wears no hat for mowing, I am sorry to say, but he still does a great job. I am impressed you are so ready for little girl - I don't kow if Tristan ever actually slept in her crib. I think we just set it up as a toddler bed. :)