Wednesday, February 25, 2009

John Bingham said it would happen.

He said that you eventually would have to CONVINCE yourself to rest on rest days. That you would need to talk yourself out of running. That you would eventually REALLY want to run, but have to stop yourself for the good of your body.

It happened.

Five weeks in.

I had to do strength training yesterday, on one of my rest days, just so that I wouldn’t run and could feel like I had done SOMETHING.

I am IN LOVE with running.

Something else I’m in love with?

Personal training.

I can see myself becoming SO annoying. Not being able to stop myself from saying things like, “Uh, you really should be doing 12 reps with that weight because your red fast twitch motor units aren’t functioning optimally with 10.”

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gladdy fixed the hiccuping treadmill! YAY!

And Lynn taught me how to knit this weekend. I am not very good at it. It takes me so long to do a row and even then, I usually mess it up and have to take all the stitches out. Hopefully, some time this year I will have knitted a whole hat!

So, Fat Tuesday is a hard day when you’re trying not to be fat anymore. Especially because I love donuts SO MUCH and paczkis are EVERYWHERE. Don’t worry, I had one this morning already. But, I only had 1/2 and according to my calculations it’s 4 points for half a donut. Not so bad. AND I discovered last night at Trig’s, a grocery store in Eagle River, that Edy’s makes a light version of Samoa ice cream. Are you kidding?! It’s only 3 points for 1/2 a cup and SOOOOOO delicious! We’re having a Weight Watcher’s recipe gumbo tonight (you know, Creole) and ice cream to celebrate Mardi Gras.

PS- the girls at work were trying to explain to me the “difference” between Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday. Me, not being the arguing or debating type said, “I’m pretty sure they’re the same thing- Mardi Gras means ‘Fat Tuesday’ in French.” But they insisted that Mardi Gras was the week and Fat Tuesday was the last day of Mardi Gras. Whatever…

Friday, February 20, 2009

Ive been looking up speed and distance monitors all morning and am so intrigued by the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit. I really need something to track my distance for my long runs that I’ll be doing this summer. Most people say that it’s really great, but they keep talking about how you need to replace it every so often. Although it does only cost $30 and in comparison to most other SDMs that cost THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS, that sounds fair to me.

It tells you through your iPod headphones your distance and pace and you can upload your runs onto their website to track your progress and then your headphones will alert you about PRs and stuff. The only problem being, I don’t really have a computer. And this lovely camp computer can’t handle the technological pizazz of my up-to-date iPod nano (won’t recognize it when I plug it in). All this being said, all I want it to do is tell me how far I’ve gone (and when I’m feeling brave, how fast I’m going) and I’m hoping a computer isn’t really required at all. (I’m also secretly hoping that a Nike rep. will wander across my site and ask me to test this product for free to write a review about it, or something.)

Until then, it’s the hiccuping treadmill’s uncanny ability to tell me how long I’ve run and how much I weigh (162 lbs- 14 pounds less than 2 months ago, in case you were wondering). Hoorah.

PS- I also checked out Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred on amazon. There’s a little window where you can watch a preview. My favorite part includes her telling you that you need to suck it up and do jumping jacks- she gets 400 lb. people to do them, so don’t tell her you can’t! That said, I still want it so I can have Jillian yelling at me in my living room and kicking my butt into shape.

Who’s excited that Biggest Loser is on TWICE next week?! I AM!!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Total Weight Watchers weight loss: 14.0 lbs
I’m almost breaking into the 150’s!!!

Kyle and I magically have the ENTIRE day off together. This hasn’t happened in months. Plans include: breakfast in bed, going to a coffee shop for reading and lunch in Eagle River, grocery shopping at Trig’s, making fun dinner at home, watching The Biggest Loser and then the John Adams mini-series. And it’s like 40 degrees here, we didn’t even need to wear coats to the office! Hooray!

Friday, February 13, 2009

I am officially registered for the 2009 Bank of America Chicago Marathon!!!!! If anyone is already wondering what to get me for my birthday (except for mom, stick with your present idea) it should be fun running things!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Total Weight Watchers weight loss: 10.6 LBS!!!!!
I met and passed my 5% goal and am on to the 10!

Did anyone watch Biggest Loser last night? That Joelle is SUCH a weirdo. What is her deal?!

My nurse aid teacher called me over last night to tell me about the new Michigan teacher’s early retirement plan that is supposed to be opening up a bunch of jobs. I buried my face in my gloves and whined “Why are you telling me this?!” She’s always trying to trick me into being a teacher, when I think I’ve made other plans for my life.

Before Kyle left he wrote me about a million little notes and hid them all over the house and in my stuff. I’ve found notes in: the shower, my Cheerios box, on my iPod, my makeup bag, my backpack, my fleece pocket, my straightener, the medicine cabinet, under my pillow, and several others, including one that mysteriously appeared on the kitchen counter and must have fallen out of something when i wasn’t looking. He’s just great.

I’m starting to try to load a bunch more music on my iPod, except that, many may know, that I take the crappiest care of my cd’s and it’s taking forever to import them because they are so scratched! Boo! And I’m on the camp computer, so it’s not like I can just go do something else. Double boo! But soon I will have such goodies as Paul Simon’s Love Songs and Negotiations, Queen’s Greatest Hits, and Carole King’s Tapestry, so it will all be worth it, I think.

I was reading my nurse aid textbook yesterday and realized that I can never remember the difference between “objective” and “subjective.” Even if I go look it up and say to myself, “Okay, remember this now…” it still is just GONE the next time I need to remember what they mean. It’s like how I can never remember the difference between farsighted and nearsighted and how I can never remember Rachel Price’s or my brother Ben’s birthdays. The harder I try to remember them, the more they elude me.

Monday, February 2, 2009

We’re painting the roses (curtains) red
Yes, painting the roses (couch cover) red
Not pink
Not green
Not aquamarine
We’re painting the roses (living room) red!

I can’t stop making everything in my house red!
If I had a charger for my camera, I could show you a picture. We’re working on it.

In other news. I have received the treadmill. Everything seemed to be going great until today when I actually tried to RUN on it. It keeps hiccuping, or stopping abruptly for half a second every so often. I have to hold on to the handlebar the entire time I’m running or else I’ll fall off. It’s very frustrating. I won’t pretend that I didn’t throw a temper tantrum and kick several things in my workout room. But when I decided the alternative was to get dressed to go run outside, I decided I’d just put up with the jolting and see if Kyle can figure it out when he gets home. I just hope I haven’t already done any permanent joint damage.