Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gladdy fixed the hiccuping treadmill! YAY!

And Lynn taught me how to knit this weekend. I am not very good at it. It takes me so long to do a row and even then, I usually mess it up and have to take all the stitches out. Hopefully, some time this year I will have knitted a whole hat!

So, Fat Tuesday is a hard day when you’re trying not to be fat anymore. Especially because I love donuts SO MUCH and paczkis are EVERYWHERE. Don’t worry, I had one this morning already. But, I only had 1/2 and according to my calculations it’s 4 points for half a donut. Not so bad. AND I discovered last night at Trig’s, a grocery store in Eagle River, that Edy’s makes a light version of Samoa ice cream. Are you kidding?! It’s only 3 points for 1/2 a cup and SOOOOOO delicious! We’re having a Weight Watcher’s recipe gumbo tonight (you know, Creole) and ice cream to celebrate Mardi Gras.

PS- the girls at work were trying to explain to me the “difference” between Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday. Me, not being the arguing or debating type said, “I’m pretty sure they’re the same thing- Mardi Gras means ‘Fat Tuesday’ in French.” But they insisted that Mardi Gras was the week and Fat Tuesday was the last day of Mardi Gras. Whatever…

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