Friday, February 20, 2009

Ive been looking up speed and distance monitors all morning and am so intrigued by the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit. I really need something to track my distance for my long runs that I’ll be doing this summer. Most people say that it’s really great, but they keep talking about how you need to replace it every so often. Although it does only cost $30 and in comparison to most other SDMs that cost THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS, that sounds fair to me.

It tells you through your iPod headphones your distance and pace and you can upload your runs onto their website to track your progress and then your headphones will alert you about PRs and stuff. The only problem being, I don’t really have a computer. And this lovely camp computer can’t handle the technological pizazz of my up-to-date iPod nano (won’t recognize it when I plug it in). All this being said, all I want it to do is tell me how far I’ve gone (and when I’m feeling brave, how fast I’m going) and I’m hoping a computer isn’t really required at all. (I’m also secretly hoping that a Nike rep. will wander across my site and ask me to test this product for free to write a review about it, or something.)

Until then, it’s the hiccuping treadmill’s uncanny ability to tell me how long I’ve run and how much I weigh (162 lbs- 14 pounds less than 2 months ago, in case you were wondering). Hoorah.

PS- I also checked out Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred on amazon. There’s a little window where you can watch a preview. My favorite part includes her telling you that you need to suck it up and do jumping jacks- she gets 400 lb. people to do them, so don’t tell her you can’t! That said, I still want it so I can have Jillian yelling at me in my living room and kicking my butt into shape.

Who’s excited that Biggest Loser is on TWICE next week?! I AM!!!!

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