Thursday, May 31, 2012

Trip to Covenant Point

We had a great weekend at Point, but we did not always have our camera, but this excursion to the Back 40 was full of Wonder.

A rare shoulder ride with Mommy.  At one point Charlotte signed to Jenny, "Camp; I love camp; I love Chicago."  We both know how that feels - a wonderful tension for sure, 

Daddy's old Jungle Gym the Track n' Trail.

In good camper fashion Charlie began to tip over stumps.  The worms were ripe for the picking and she warmed up really fast to them.  A true Yooper, eh?

Charlie and her own tiny worm.

The road trip home brought out the silly in this little lady and she wanted everything piled on her.  She thought she was so funny.

Waiting patiently for us to laugh at her.

We had a great trip and Charlie was talking about her cousins and Laurel and the Staff all the time.  She wadded in the frigid lake with he nutty cousins, took a Kayak ride with Daddy, and spent hours in the sand pit.  Charlotte often called the Lake "The Tub" -- silly city-kid. 
Thanks CPBC - We love and miss you.  
Our hearts are truly in two places.

Silly Girl or Fashion Forward?

This is what happens when Dad is asked to put all the headbands on.

 I love the Quasimodo eye.

Cups at Breakfast

Jenny claims that a good breakfast can be measured by the number of beverages you get to enjoy.  Charlotte really took it to the extreme and commandeered all our cups and lined them up herself.

Below you can see her counting her wealth of cups.
(Watch in a slideshow if you can)

 And yes, our little girl can count to ten and sometimes beyond...although she often goes "One, two, three, ninety-six," for some reason.  We'll try to film it and get it online if she is not too camera shy. 

A Family of Four for a Day

We recently had the pleasure of watching our friends son Sawyer and we had a great time.

They picked this spot.  They both just stopped walking and started coloring.

It was a scorcher that day so we headed over to Gramma and Poppa's for some sprinkler fun, which turned into bucket of water fun since neither child likes the shock of the cold spray.

Charlotte and Sawyer got along swimmingly.  
It was a great day and we were sad to lose all the extra personality.

Grandpa Rich and Pizza

 Just a Girl and her Grandaddy.

Charlie loves to help.  
She spread the sauce and the cheese (and ate a bit as well).

Back Porch and Beach Urbanites

It started with Kyle and Charlotte and bubbles and turned into a porch party!

Minutes after the last final at NPTS the Mechers and the Hoskins had a picnic at Montrose Beach.
Two Seminary Geeks SO Thrilled to be done for the semester.