Saturday, June 16, 2012

Birthday Celebration No. 2

We spent Charlotte's second birthday at Covenant Point, where Kyle was the speaker for Wilderness Week camp. We started off the morning with bagels and strawberries (breakfast number 1).

We opened a few little presents from Mom and Dad, and then headed to Auntie Courtney and Uncle Erik's for sticky buns.

Charlotte got a Cabbage Patch Kid from Gramma Lynn and Poppa. Her name is Brook Nina, but Charlotte kept calling her "Auntie Brooke."

For lunch, we went to Scott's and got ice cream.

Heaven. Peanut Butter Mackinac Island Fudge (Kyle's favorite) and Amaretto Cherry Mackinac Island Fudge (my favorite) together! 

My favorite.

These two were funny together.

In the evening we had a birthday party for Charlotte and Jackson at Courtney and Erik's house with some family and friends from camp.

Three redheads.

Kermit cake! I found a cake at the grocery store and drew Kermit on with frosting. Charlotte was pretty impressed.

Overall, a good day.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Birthday Celebration No. 1

With Grandma Patti

With Grandpa Rich

Kermit! (It was a very Muppet-y birthday this year.)

The new bike that Charlotte has been talking about for months. Whenever you ask Charlotte when her birthday is, she says, "June sixteenf! Bike!"

My favorite picture of the day. Charlotte cheering when the singing ended, "YAY! WE DID IT!"

Yummy, yummy cake made by Granny.

Happy parents.