Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Fest and Braveheart

At Fall Fest with Olivia Rill. 

The Hoskins were there as well.  There was a shortage of swings so Chris and I stacked Charlotte and Elsa.  Eventually Charlotte stressfully said, "I'm uncomfortable Daddy."

There was a woman playing children's songs.  Here was the finale: Laurie Berkner's "Shaky Egg" complete with shaky eggs for all the kids.    

At a recent retreat at Covenant Point Linnea watched Charlotte while Jenny and I worked in the kitchen.  Laurel and Charlotte were playing quietly in the other room until Linnea heard Laurel ask, "Mom, can we play Braveheart with our faces?"  (Braveheart is a camp game always introduced by staff in face paint and kilts).  Puzzled by such a request Linnea soon discovered these two covered in washable marker all ready to play.  Future Staffers for sure.