Thursday, December 16, 2010

December 16th we celebrated Charlotte's 6 month birthday!
(Don't you love how she's resting her little arm on the armrest?!)

Oh, yeah, and Kyle's 29th birthday.
We enjoyed the usual sticky buns and presents in the morning and then had dinner and ice cream cake the next night with a bunch of friends. And, of course, enjoyed both Bob Dylan and Seinfeld that evening- two of Kyle's favorites.

On Sunday morning we celebrated Christmas as a little family. Charlotte opened her presents (with much assistance).

A Curious George ornament!

Car keys!

A ball to chase around!

Charlotte loves eating Super Crunch pretzels and watching Survivor- just like Uncle Colby!

Mesmerized by Nick.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Two weeks ago Kyle, Charlotte, and I headed outside to pick out our Christmas tree. Kyle was elated, as usual, to use the chain saw and I think Charlotte was equally excited to ride with it. Later that evening we decorated the tree and the house. Our little log cabin looks so beautiful, I never want to take it all down!

This is cutie Charlotte playing around while I made Christmas presents.

Isn't her little face looking so chubby?!

Last weekend we headed to Chicago to celebrate my Grandma Duckhorn's 75th birthday. It was so fun and so cool to hear so many stories and memories about my grandma from her friends and family.

Charlie in the car on the way down, looking quite angelic.

With Grandpa Rich

With Great-Grandpa Duckhorn

My sister, my dad, and I

Grandma Ducks

Love that girl and her new cutie headband from Old Navy. The best $5 I've spent.

On one of our many Chicago trips to Target I picked up some Baby Mum-Mums (rice snacks) for Charlie to try. Unwisely, I gave one to her in the car on the way home and she got it everywhere- and they are SO STICKY.

This girl is eating everything and loving it. She has tried applesauce, peaches, pears, bananas, rice cereal, sweet potatoes, and carrots and loves them all.

Here is Charlotte noshing on some banana through a little mesh feeder bag thing.

And this is so random, but so cute. Charlotte kicks and moves her little feet any time she's excited or happy. She's like a little cat or puppy. Here she is fanning her little toes against my hand while she is happily eating her bottle.

Monday, December 6, 2010

My, oh my, are we behind.

Largely due to the insane turn our lives have taken in the last few weeks.

About two weeks ago, on a Thursday evening, our dear friend, boss, and camp director, Chuck Frasier passed away. A good friend said that it felt like the president had died and indeed it had. The next days were filled with preparations and floods of people making their way up north (days before Thanksgiving, no less) to mourn the loss and celebrate the life of a great Godly man. All I could think to do was be in the kitchen as much as possible, so that's what I did. And then all of a sudden it was time to fly down to Chicago in time for Thanksgiving. And it was pretty whirlwind there, as it usually is. When we finally came home last Tuesday, it had never felt so good to be home and do normal things again. And now. Things are weird. Exciting. Sad. And weird. I will be the cook this winter. Which, again, is exciting and sad and weird. Kyle and I are figuring out when to move. Exciting, sad, and weird. That pretty much sums up our lives right now. Exciting, sad, and weird.

Fortunately, we have many photos to show for our time in Chicago.

This was actually a few weeks ago. Charlie enjoying some coffee with Dad from her own personal mug.

I love that little budding personality.
She makes this face a lot.

Charlotte's first Thanksgiving!

Hanging out with the cousins.

Cutie Emmett. Sometimes I think Charlotte looks so much like these boys.

I am in love with this penguin outfit. It made many appearances in Chicago. Thanks, Rummelhoffs!

Charlie and Uncle Mike.

Charlie with Auntie Amy and Kassi.

Leftover Smorgasbord.

Really diggin Uncle Joe's beard.

Joe and Charlie.

More penguin with Grandma Patti and Great Aunt Karen.

Playing with Auntie Katie.

Silly faces.

And always always always a visit to Starbuck's with Auntie Megan.

And finally....

That's right, we have toes IN the mouth!