Thursday, April 16, 2009

While I was in Chicago, I tried several times to post, but every time I submitted it, only “I” would show up. Strange.

I was just trying to mention all of the fun things I had been doing. Now I have to try to remember all of them. I sang karaoke with my sister for our first time- Dancing in the Dark, dedicated to Rich Williams, of course. We decided that Amy would do the Courtney Cox dance at the end. I got to watch my cousin Rebekah play softball (awesome), after which, she forced me to borrow the Twilight books. Now I guess I should read them. We went to the REI garage sale, which was terrifying and awesome at the same time. I got all the things I’ve been meaning to get- new hiking boots, new Merrell clogs, windproof running gloves, and a running fanny pack thing. I’m sure I did many other things, but I’m having a really hard time remembering right now. Pictures to come later today- maybe that will help jog my memory!

Also, I got hired! I start on Monday and I found out that a bunch of people from my class also got hired- including my favorite, most normal of them all and we’ll all be training together on Monday! HOORAY!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Today was equally as wonderful.

We went to Brattleboro, Vermont (Bartlebee’s, Bartleboro, Breckenridge, etc. if you’re Colby). It was really fun. We spent some time at a few bookstores, an outdoor store (where I obvioulsy tried on five pairs of sporty red mary janes that basically all looked the same), a coffee shop (I’m on a two latte a day diet here), and a bead store where I got some sweet fixins for some jewelry. At one of the bookstores they sold these classic children’s stories with new cover designs that I always want to buy when we’re in Marquette. At this store, if you bought two you got a free tote bag! Children’s books and tote bags?! My favorites! So, we got Peter Pan and The Wind in the Willows and a sweet tote bag. I also got a used book about a mouse named Frederick. We rounded out the afternoon with a game of Take Two at a brewery-pub and were on our way back to the Condaps.

We dyed Easter eggs with the girls tonight and it was pretty eventful. Colby was in charge of making the swirly eggs, which- turns out- he’s not so good at.

Tomorrow we’re going to Boston. We are planning on eating, walking, and trying not to buy too many things. And Jim told me that I have to “pray to the wall” at Fenway. So, we’ll see about that. I think I am in the market for a cheapy Red Sox t-shirt. That will at least make Jim happy

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We are having a fabulous time in New Hampshire. The Condaps are, of course, so much fun. Today Erin, Jenna, and I took a trip to Target and Starbucks (my two favorite places on the planet) where I purchased some trendy leggings and a latte, respectively. Then, I went on my own adventure to downtown Keene where I stocked up on some paper for a new project at Michael’s, went to a super cool store where locals sell their own goods (including Erin Condap bottlecap necklaces), and then I went out to coffee and read… and had another latte! I’m on vacation- I can do what I want!

Kyle spent the morning finishing some devotions he’s writing for the Covenant Home Altar in the fall. They are amazing and I am so proud of him- I can’t wait for you all to read them. And then, he spent the afternoon helping Jim and Colby do some construction work in the basement. We all met for pizza for dinner. Afterwards, Erin, Kyle, Kira, Jenna, and I went to an old fashioned candy store (another favorite thing of mine to do!) and I found a store downtown where I can get fitted for new running shoes (but probably not buy them, because they are REALLY expensive there- that’s okay, right?).

At dinner, Kira was sitting on my lap and sniffing me. She abruptly pulled away and made a sour face. I said, “Do I smell bad? I think my sweater smells like coffee.” She said, “Yeah, rotten coffee.” Uh-oh, better take a shower.

When I was having a coffee date with myself, I realized about an hour into the date that I had forgotten to put change into the meter and thought- oh well, I’ll get a little ticket- I’m on vacation. So, when I got home and opened the “ticket” that I got, inside the envelope I found- not a ticket, but this note:

Dear Motorist,

You have crossed paths with Robin Hood.
Your parking meter ran out of time, but my merry men remedied the situation with additional coins.

May your future travels be uninterrupted by the Crown of Keene and his many sheriffs.

Robin Hood of

Ummm, when can we move here?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

We are here!!!

So far, we ve (I can t use the apostrophe key for some reason) seen an amazing video of Joe and Kassi singing karaoke at the movie theater and had a Mecher family dinner- always a good time. I spent a portion of the evening doing “flying hippo tricks” with Caleb and Jackson.

Tomorrow, we are off to a mock-Ravenswood 5-k, camp breakfast at Colby and Dustin s, Flat Top Grill- and who knows what else?! The world is our oyster!

And we have a camera! So we can include pictures now!

Also, this morning I had my cna interview at the care center. It went really well. I m almost positive I have the job. And I also submitted a letter of interest for the Americorps program, where I could potentially get an aiding position at a school near our town- which would be PHENOMENAL. That meeting went terrifically as well.

So, off to rest up for the big “race” tomorrow!