Thursday, April 9, 2009

Today was equally as wonderful.

We went to Brattleboro, Vermont (Bartlebee’s, Bartleboro, Breckenridge, etc. if you’re Colby). It was really fun. We spent some time at a few bookstores, an outdoor store (where I obvioulsy tried on five pairs of sporty red mary janes that basically all looked the same), a coffee shop (I’m on a two latte a day diet here), and a bead store where I got some sweet fixins for some jewelry. At one of the bookstores they sold these classic children’s stories with new cover designs that I always want to buy when we’re in Marquette. At this store, if you bought two you got a free tote bag! Children’s books and tote bags?! My favorites! So, we got Peter Pan and The Wind in the Willows and a sweet tote bag. I also got a used book about a mouse named Frederick. We rounded out the afternoon with a game of Take Two at a brewery-pub and were on our way back to the Condaps.

We dyed Easter eggs with the girls tonight and it was pretty eventful. Colby was in charge of making the swirly eggs, which- turns out- he’s not so good at.

Tomorrow we’re going to Boston. We are planning on eating, walking, and trying not to buy too many things. And Jim told me that I have to “pray to the wall” at Fenway. So, we’ll see about that. I think I am in the market for a cheapy Red Sox t-shirt. That will at least make Jim happy

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