Thursday, April 16, 2009

While I was in Chicago, I tried several times to post, but every time I submitted it, only “I” would show up. Strange.

I was just trying to mention all of the fun things I had been doing. Now I have to try to remember all of them. I sang karaoke with my sister for our first time- Dancing in the Dark, dedicated to Rich Williams, of course. We decided that Amy would do the Courtney Cox dance at the end. I got to watch my cousin Rebekah play softball (awesome), after which, she forced me to borrow the Twilight books. Now I guess I should read them. We went to the REI garage sale, which was terrifying and awesome at the same time. I got all the things I’ve been meaning to get- new hiking boots, new Merrell clogs, windproof running gloves, and a running fanny pack thing. I’m sure I did many other things, but I’m having a really hard time remembering right now. Pictures to come later today- maybe that will help jog my memory!

Also, I got hired! I start on Monday and I found out that a bunch of people from my class also got hired- including my favorite, most normal of them all and we’ll all be training together on Monday! HOORAY!

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