Saturday, April 4, 2009

We are here!!!

So far, we ve (I can t use the apostrophe key for some reason) seen an amazing video of Joe and Kassi singing karaoke at the movie theater and had a Mecher family dinner- always a good time. I spent a portion of the evening doing “flying hippo tricks” with Caleb and Jackson.

Tomorrow, we are off to a mock-Ravenswood 5-k, camp breakfast at Colby and Dustin s, Flat Top Grill- and who knows what else?! The world is our oyster!

And we have a camera! So we can include pictures now!

Also, this morning I had my cna interview at the care center. It went really well. I m almost positive I have the job. And I also submitted a letter of interest for the Americorps program, where I could potentially get an aiding position at a school near our town- which would be PHENOMENAL. That meeting went terrifically as well.

So, off to rest up for the big “race” tomorrow!

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