Monday, February 2, 2009

We’re painting the roses (curtains) red
Yes, painting the roses (couch cover) red
Not pink
Not green
Not aquamarine
We’re painting the roses (living room) red!

I can’t stop making everything in my house red!
If I had a charger for my camera, I could show you a picture. We’re working on it.

In other news. I have received the treadmill. Everything seemed to be going great until today when I actually tried to RUN on it. It keeps hiccuping, or stopping abruptly for half a second every so often. I have to hold on to the handlebar the entire time I’m running or else I’ll fall off. It’s very frustrating. I won’t pretend that I didn’t throw a temper tantrum and kick several things in my workout room. But when I decided the alternative was to get dressed to go run outside, I decided I’d just put up with the jolting and see if Kyle can figure it out when he gets home. I just hope I haven’t already done any permanent joint damage.

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