Saturday, May 8, 2010

Today I had a baby shower at our church. Despite waking up to TWO INCHES OF SNOW, it was so cute and fun. Thank you to Linnea and Verl for hosting and to everyone who helped, came, and brought us a little something! I had a fabulous time!

Every table had cute little children's books on them...

... and beautiful flowers.

A cute rocking chair for opening presents. Someone pointed out while I was sitting on it and trying to hold a gift on my knees that I don't have much of a lap anymore- so true!

Verl brought this very special place setting just for me to use this morning- it has Peter Rabbit on it.

We played children's book and author bingo- so fun!

My very excellent helpers: Erika, on the right, handing me gifts, making sure I know where the cards are, cutting difficult ribbons open, and disposing of trash -and- Lisa, on the left, displaying gifts and being my secretary. Thanks, ladies!

Tons and tons and tons of clothes- this is only a fraction of them! I am spending most of the evening washing them all!

Crab onesie!

I didn't get a picture, because I was sitting right next to her and it would have been weird, but my friend and small group leader, Angie, gave a little devo that was so beautiful- so, thanks Angie!

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