Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We had our 30-week doctor's appointment yesterday and our doctor said that I was the easiest patient he's ever had. I do what I can.

We also went to our first of two childbirth education classes last night at the hospital we'll deliver in. It was really good. We got a tour of the OB wing and got to see a room and our hospital is so nice. I saw the little crib that your baby sleeps in in your room and I just wanted our little girl to be in there already so bad! We were advised that there are only 3 anesthesiologists around and 1 of them is always on call, but there is a 30% chance he might not be available to administer an epidural, if he is otherwise occupied. So, please pray that he is available the day I go in to labor.

Our instructor talked to us about and we watched a video on labor stress management techniques, and later Kyle and I were talking about being in labor and I just kept thinking, "I ran a marathon. I can totally do this. I was in pain and it wasn't usually fun, but I knew there was an end and I was so excited to get there." I'm just so glad I did that, I think it really mentally prepared me. Aaaaaaaaaaand- I'm so excited to do it again after we have this baby! And the whole time I'm running, I'll think, "I gave birth to a baby, I can totally do this..."

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  1. Yes, you can do this! It's like running 2 marathons....