Monday, April 5, 2010

We spent this Easter at home in Iron River. Just us Mechers. It was, maybe, my favorite Easter ever. We woke up early and had breakfast at church, then Easter service, then Angeli's for some more emergency Cadbury's Robin's Eggs, then home. We ate egg salad and I started making dinner. It was so poopy outside (40 degrees and raining), but we were perfectly prepared to spend the day lounging inside... until... the sun came out! And it was all of a sudden 60 degrees! So we hurried and moved our dinner table out to the front porch. It was SO FUN. We had delicious Easter food and drank really tart grapefruit juice and read and answered Trivial Pursuit questions. And then, when it started getting a little late and nippy, we went inside and continued our party with some more food and some great television like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Apollo 13.

We asked Colby to take some pictures of us. This is my favorite. Although, I actually look and am way more pregnant than I appear in this one.

On Saturday I dyed Easter eggs that I had seen in Martha Stewart Living (while I watched 5 hours of Teen Mom)

Mmm. Delicious Cadbury's Robin's Eggs.

Easter dinner: Potatoes au gratin, asparagus, bacon and corn muffins...

... and ham.

"Resurrection Cake ice cream." Not to be confused with birthday cake ice cream.

A Very Mecher Easter.

A debate over Trivial Pursuit, I think.

My very first successful homemade angel food cake!

With some fresh strawberries and strawberry cool whip, it was mighty tasty.

I love this face. I hope our little girl looks just like him.

A very full table and a very full, wonderful day.


  1. this is seriously my favorite post of ALL TIME!!!! the food looks TASTY, the photos are beautiful, you are a gorgeous pregnant lady! did the angel food cake turn out? was it sticky or crusty on the outside? it looks soooo good i think i might make some when i get home I am so inspired. also, the eggs are awesome.

    miss you lady!

  2. Ditto Alicia's comment - It looks like you are on a best holiday roll up at camp, first Thanksgiving, now this!

  3. Okay...seriously Martha - those eggs are incredible and your presentation of food...outstanding. You are incredible!

  4. I was about to save this was the best post ever but I see it's already been said! So glad you had such a nice Easter. Also love that picture of you and Kyle! Love your eggs, your food presentation and your day! You look great Jenny!

  5. Wow..I guess I'll jump on the Jenny is wonderful bandwagon!

  6. Jenny, you ARE Martha Stewart! The eggs look great! Everyone looks so great and cute - what a good day!

  7. You're adorable Jenny. :) Happy Easter to both of you from all of us!