Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Charlotte recently turned two months. And she's elated about it.

While we were in Chicago, Charlotte spent a lot of time with Grandma Lynn.

And Dad.

And some time with Uncle Mike.

She met so many new Aunties and Uncles!
(at a magical breakfast at the Melrose)

Auntie Kassi

Auntie Amy

Uncle Dave

Uncle Joe

Two of my favorite things- Charlotte and coconut french toast!

I love this.


We saw Rachel and met Riley for the first time!
Charlotte, apparently, loves Rachel!

LOVE her.


  1. I can't believe how nice Auntie Amy shared Charlotte. Her mother should be proud of her good manners.

  2. Charlotte doesn't look too sure about Gramma texting! JK a. lynn - we know no grandchildren are more loved than our grandma's and yours!

  3. FYI Wendy I was taking photos of Charlotte with my phone so I would have something to show when I talk about her!