Monday, May 11, 2009

Total Weight Watchers weight loss: 26.2 lbs!
I lost FOUR POUNDS this week! That's the most I've ever lost in a single week!
I have now reached my goal weight and in 6 weeks I will hopefully be a Weight Watchers Lifetime Member!

I spent EIGHT HOURS (from the time I woke up until 4:30) at our new computer (a hand-me-down from camp) putting new music on our iPod. I have not put new music on it for a whole year and I was getting so bored of my running music. I am still SHAKING because I am so excited (and because I was sitting at the computer, not eating and rarely going to the bathroom all day). My favorite iPod addition is my 6o something 90's playlist. Fantastic.

Kyle preached his sermon on Sunday morning followed by rave reviews! I couldn't be there, but everyone I've talked to since tells me that Kyle was wonderful- I'm sure he was! I'm SOOOOO proud of him!

Today was the first of my three days off. Tomorrow I'm going to the big city of Iron Mountain for coffee, reading Twilight (the first of my summer reading list), grocery shopping at Walmart, and other adventures. Woohoo!


  1. You could be on biggest loser with a 4 pound drop in a week!

    Is there going to be any of you left when I come up next week?

  2. I love that picture of you and Kyle. Twilight is the perfect summer reading series - too bad you will probably finish it long before summer if you are like everyone else I know (except Suzanne).