Saturday, May 30, 2009

I just bought these stamps at the post office this morning:
I love them! They're making me want to write a letter right now!

I am almost finished with Twilight and LOVING it!

Tuesday Kyle has an appointment in Iron Mountain to have his wisdom teeth removed. He has the received the go-ahead from our insurance company to be sedated during the procedure, which he is obviously very happy about. I'm in charge of getting him from the doctor's office to home. And secretly stopping at Wal-mart while he's sleeping in the front seat. Kyle has stocked up on the following for his post-procedure meals: 6 cans of soup, 4 containers of yogurt (mostly the same flavor), and orange juice.


  1. Write me a letter..
    Does Kyle know that having the teeth removed is not painful at all(at least with Dr Berni)? The worst part is the dry socket that he may or may not get after they are removed and the drugs have worn off...again, Dr. Berni gives you a prescription for major pain killers when you leave his office...I hope the "Oh, Iron River" dentist is as good as Dr. Berni.

  2. Sorry, I mean "Oh, Iron Mountain".

  3. I am usually the one to get the cool stamps. I knew I should have gone to the post office today! Just three more days and you can expetc the summer mail to begin! Al says, "hi."