Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Week one of marathon training nearly complete (minus a rest day tomorrow).

I did my first long run this morning (five miles, not actually that long at all) and practiced running with my new fanny pack. It, however was also very cold when I left, so I was also wearing a fleece. Halfway through my run, I naturally became very warm and tried to tie the fleece around my waist, causing the fanny pack to ride up to my boobs. Annoying. So, for about a mile I ran with the fleece in my hand. When that got too annoying, I tied it across my chest, kind of like a cape. I felt like some kind of running hobo with all of my possessions on my back.

Yesterday I quit my job job at Medicare.
And now I'm the cook at camp.
AHHHHH! I know!!!

But, all of the reasons I wanted to take the job at Medicare for the summer actually were not turning out so great. I was still physically exhausted. And anytime I was off I spent completely alone, because- guess what? Everyone else works at camp. I was pretty miserable. And I thought, "I could work at camp, still be physically exhausted, but not be so lonely." I used my leverage to work in trips home for a wedding, my birthday and the Nike women's 10k, going on the women's backpacking trip, and coming in a little late on Wednesdays to get in my long training runs.

And I feel so at home in that little kitchen. Even though I can still remember feeling like I was chained to it a lot last summer. It still feels like home.


  1. Kendell will be happy she gets to work with you! And you will get to see Saige and Tristan everyday for one week. These should give you little pick me ups when you are feeling bound.

  2. Ohh my goddness!!! i am so excited that you are going to be the cook this summer.. i can't wait!! and whenever you feel bound, just say i feel bound and i'll do whatever you need to feel unbound!! i love you and i can't wait!!

  3. First, love the description of your run. The whole needing-to-run-with-luggage thing is why I am still a sprinter at heart and will never run a marathon.

    Second, I'm excited for you that you'll be mixing up baked oatmeal and pizza dough for another summer. Hopefully we'll make it up to see you. We miss you!

  4. I was envisioning your fleece like a cape, as in a super-hero! i was actually wondering how you were doing with the "off hours" I know. congrats on the big decision! xoxo

  5. Can't believe your are the cook again. But really, so proud of your decision. I think you'll enjoy it more and you will have the running to let off steam. Just wondering . . .how tricky will it be to count points? :) Love you, love your determination.