Friday, July 2, 2010

First Bath (in a tub)

She seemed unsure at first, but quickly calmed down.
Typical Charlotte, content with almost anything.

Even though they say she cannot see so clearly yet,
I swear Charlotte was looking right at the huge Rubber Ducky from Aunt Amy.

I love this one. Huge hands, tiny baby.

All clean, and so cute

Charlotte went to Church on Sunday and met our dear friends Jack and Verl Hudson.
I can't wait to take Charlotte to the Hudson Homestead,
perhaps my (Kyle's) most favorite place on earth.


  1. Thank you, thank you! Yes, I think she liked it. I watched it twice..and I will watch it again until another video is up.

  2. And we can't wait until she can visit bethel. Did A. lynn tell you that there was applause when Charlotte's birth was announced?

  3. those hands are grandpas hands. I have a picture of him holding livvy and his hands cover her whole body. what a sweet reminder of him

  4. This comment is from Gramma who is at erin's: so cute! i love that her legs are still so bandy. she looked so cute in those little dresses. seeing her makes me want to pick a date for a visit right now.

  5. Now, I know that that rubber ducky is gigantic (because I gave it to you) but every time I look at that picture I think it is a regular-size rubber duck and think Charlotte is about the size of a Tootsie Roll.