Saturday, July 17, 2010

Charlotte turned one month this week! She already seems so much bigger to me, even though most people who see her for the first time think she is so tiny. At her last doctor's visit she weighed in at 7 lbs, 7 oz and grew to 20 inches. We are so excited that she can almost ride in the Baby Bjorn (babies need to be 8 lbs. to do so)! It's small, unexciting milestones at this point.

We are still just crazy about her. She makes me laugh in the middle of the night with her crazy wake-up, stretching faces. Which is good, because every mom could use a laugh at 4 in the morning, when being woken up against her will.

This was my original idea for her monthly photo, but two problems arose. As you can see by my hand awkwardly on the back of her head, trying to hold her up, it will be hard for a few months getting her to sit in the chair. She also just fits in the chair now, so in a year she will be towering over it.

So here's what we opted for instead. Doesn't that chair make her look miniature?

And I realize that this video might be long and potentially boring to some, but it's for the grandma who won't stop harassing me via email... you know who you are. Please notice Charlotte's bear booties at the end of the video.


  1. Happy Birthday Charlotte's Mom...and thank you for the long video of the little Tootsie Roll(as Auntie Amy calls her).

  2. Yay, Charlotte! One month old! I laughed outloud about your 4am comment. I can so hear you on that one.

  3. Love the video. Can you post one hourly? And of course I love the chair photos. That is a really cute idea.