Tuesday, July 6, 2010

This weekend, my dad, step-mom, sisters, and brother came up to visit us (mostly Charlotte). We had a blast! Thanks so much for feeding us and cleaning up after us and being so fun! Get ready for, like, a million pictures...

Wearing Auntie Amy's sunglasses

Grandpa giving Charlotte a workout

Auntie Katie

Ben drove us to the island...

...and Katie drove us home

Everyone (except Amy) did the Tarzan swing on the island

Charlotte in Fourth of July outfit #1

Crazy face

Charlotte in Fourth of July outfit #2

Kyle came into the living room and found the kids watching tv looking a little bored, so he took them above our garage and rigged up this rope and the three of them just crashed around on the mattresses and had a blast.

Even Aunt Betty dropped by to see Charlotte!


  1. awwww!...wish I was there. I love seeing Ben and Katie enjoying what the camp has to offer. Charly looks adorable in her 4th of July outfits. And, Auntie Amy's glasses bring out the glamorous side of Charlotte.

  2. too cute...i'm commenting this everyday until new pics or videos are up!

  3. this is a test to see if grandma and gramps can post without help from Aunt Jan.

  4. Charlotte is much loved, just like she should be! Keep that mattress thing, Kyle - I know some other kids that would love it...