Friday, July 9, 2010

I am totally completely in love with this girl. Poo to all the people who told me I would "never sleep" or to "just wait" in some threatening tone. She is perfect. And even if she wasn't, I wouldn't care anyway, because I am in love with being a mom, so take that. She is laying on a blanket beside me, happy as a clam, and has been doing so for the last HOUR. Like I said, she is perfect.

I can't believe that I forgot to document Megan's visit! We had so much fun together (aside from frequent sick visitors to the infirmary). I didn't take very many pictures, apparently, but here are the two I DID take:

Auntie Megan!

Wearing the swimsuit Auntie Megan bought her. (We didn't actually go swimming, we just sweated a lot).

When we first bought our camera, I warned Kyle, "I just want you to know, that I'm going to take like a million pictures of our baby, just so you know." As promised:

Charlotte is definitely growing. I feel like she just keeps stretching longer and longer. As a result, I keep getting to dig up new outfits that fit her now. Like these cutie overalls!

It looks like she's smiling here, but I don't think she really is.


  1. and we all LOVE to see pictures! the more the merrier. she is so cute...can't wait to hold her on august 1st!

  2. The million photos will help us to keep track! We love it! Keep 'em comin'. She is so precious and still so little to my eye.

  3. aw! Thanks a lot. Meggie is cute, too.