Saturday, July 31, 2010

Here are the promised pictures and videos.

Dad in a shirt that Mike found at the thrift store.

With nanny Kendell!

Many attempts at a "cousins in matching outfits" photo.
1.) Charlotte falling over.

2.) Charlotte losing it.

3.) Charlotte being distracted with pacifier.

4.) Adeline being distracted with balls (Charlotte looking very serene).

5.) Adeline sharing her ball.

The best one.

With Auntie Brooke

With Auntie Brooke and Adeline.

Charlotte in her bear hat made by Abby Austin.

Bathing beauty.

(Megan: I did a lot of shoddy sewing to get that hat to fit her. Sorry.)

I think she looks like such a debutante in this picture.

Here is a video of Charlotte with her giraffe hat on. I think she looks like a little chipmunk and at one point in the video, I envision her pleading with a woodland creature not to eat her.


  1. Loved all the pictures but especially the one of Kendell. We miss her so much so it was nice to see her beautiful face.

  2. um..Charlotte doesn't look too happy in any of these pics...especially the video. Have you changed her diaper lately? But, as always thank you very much for the update.
    I love Kyle's T and "I want one". I think the bear hat pic is my fave.

  3. I agree with your mom...the bear hat with Charlotte is too cute. I love seeing those big eyes open and looking right at me!

  4. I LOVE that picture of Charlotte in the bear hat too. I think it needs a frame. I also was cracking up at the "cousins in matching outfits" pictures. It's hard to get two babies to look good at the same time.

  5. Yes, LOVE the bear hat and very jealous that I didn't make it! :) Charlotte is adorable and I just love looking at her. Can't wait to hold her in the not to distant future. Matching cousins is way too cute and isn't it funny to think that someday they will probably be about the same size? Thanks for the update. It fuels me up.

  6. Yeah! We are so happy we got to see Charlotte even for a short time. Thank you for the pictures!

  7. It made my day when Kyle brought her into the kitchen wearing that hat.