Thursday, March 1, 2012

Things You Should Know About Charlotte These Days...

She has a fixation with Uncle Colby. We suspect she thinks that Kyle's laptop is actually just a machine that shows slideshows of Uncle Colby pictures.

I'm not sure what's up with the wacky smile, but this is Charlotte sitting at her newly improved kitchen station. We added these little buckets from IKEA to store all of her kitchen tools.

Her little workstation. The best part is that the bar, buckets, and hooks for hanging aprons on cost lest than $8!!!

Here she is practicing slicing bananas.

We live directly across the street from a chocolate shop called Beijo de Chocolat. I very much love chocolate, so Charlotte and I have been practicing identifying Beijo from our living room window and she will respond, "chocolate" when you ask what you can get at Beijo. We finally took a family trip there a few weeks ago and got Charlotte a chocolate dipped Nutter Butter. She really liked it, despite how her face looks in this picture.

She LOVES "doing the dishes." She will say "dishes, dishes!," pull a full sized kitchen chair over to the sink by herself, and climb up on it. We let the water trickle and set up a towel for her on the counter and she goes to town "rinsing" the dishes and putting them to dry on the towel.

She likes to "yoooooooolllllll iiiiiiiitttt" (roll it, from Pattycake), so we let her roll out some pie crust... and okay, maybe taste some here and there.

She loves to cook!


  1. I am so in love with the cutest girl in the world! You let her do things I wouldn't dream of letting you or Amy do at her age...too much trouble...and too messy.

  2. Thanks for the update. You'd think you still live up north for how little we see you guys. i've got to do something about that.

    Charlotte is so fun!!

    love you, a.b.