Monday, March 26, 2012

Birthday Parties!

Last weekend we had two birthday parties to go to! My brother, Ben, turned 9. We have no pictures from that, but my dad bought these lamb brats from Paulina Meat Market that were SO GOOD. It tastes like a gyro and a brat. YUM-O.

My grandma, Kathy, turned 70 and we had a party at Maggiano's. YUM-O again. We ate so good last weekend. All of the food was served family style, so for dessert they brought out these giant platters of cream puffs filled with ice cream...

... and Nonna's toasted pound cake- my favorite!

Kyle eating Charlotte's leg.

Charlotte looked so cute and was such a good girl.

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  1. Cream puffs totally remind me of my mom. It was one of her dessert specialties. I am missing her a lot today.