Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pinterest and the Sabbath

Pinterest is my new love. I pin many creative dreams, but I am really inspired lately by home decor-ish ideas. This shelf hangs above our couch and I've been changing it for the seasons. This Valentine's garland was all over Pinterest :)

I found these birds at Michael's on sale for $1.79 each! Three little birds!

Pinterest-y new message board, with Pinterest-y hanging mason jar marker holder.

Pinterest has also inspired me to spray paint things.
Like that clementine crate. And the circle window of our pantry (with frosted glass spray paint).

And this fruit basket.

And this sign I hung in my kitchen.

So. Sabbath. Kyle and I have been celebrating the Sabbath pretty seriously on Sundays. I've read a small amount about the Jewish Shabbat and it has been so intriguing to me that we are trying to put it into practice as best we can.

This includes doing the least amount of work possible on Sundays, especially not running errands. We eat yummy, wholesome, special meals- food we wouldn't necessarily have time or calories for during the week. And we try to do as much of our food prep as possible on Saturday. The main thing we try to focus on is rest. Not feeling bad about napping every time Charlotte does, or kicking back on the couch and reading a book all day- because God thinks all of that is important.

Recently Kyle and I were in charge of coffee hour at church and I made this sour cream coffee cake (one of Chuck's specialties). Jane always put the frosting on and the few times I had ever tried at camp, I always ruined it. I finally got it right and had to take a picture of it.

One of our Sabbath breakfasts includes a few different variations of Rachael Ray's "Fluffy Pancakes, 10 Ways." These are carrot cake pancakes. Delicious!

A heap of pancakes!

And here are oatmeal raisin pancakes. Also delicious!

Last Sunday morning while we were lounging on the couch and talking I noticed the steam from Kyle's coffee catching the sunlight coming through our living room window. I think I took about 25 pictures trying to capture it on our camera. But that's the kind of thing you can do on the Sabbath. There's time to notice small, little, beautiful things.


  1. I've always thought that God had a great plan for us to re-energize..why don't more people do this? rest on Sunday..that is.

  2. I love that you guys are celebrating the Sabbath. I'm inspired to see how we can do the same.

  3. I stumbled upon this entry while searching "pinterest Sabbath" out of curiosity. I never ever leave comments, and perhaps may regret this one, but felt compelled to share that I was once here in the place you mention, enjoying Sabbath on Sunday. Then I was challenged to search scriptures about the Sabbath and after realizing the Sabbath isn't Jewish, nor was it ever changed,I took the lonely step of going all the way and observing the Sabbath instituted by the LORD, YHVH. It's all worth it! I pray this blesses you...