Monday, January 16, 2012

Big Girl Bed and Pinterest Projects

Last week Charlotte almost climbed out of her bed and succeeded in escaping her pack n play within two days, so we decided we would go ahead with her toddler bed. She loves it! We've been troubleshooting in the middle of the night with rolling on to the floor and losing our pacifiers between the slats of the bedrails, but we think she will adjust quickly. For the most part, she sleeps the whole night, no major problems.

I have recently, thanks to my good friend, Linnea, discovered Pinterest. If you do not know about Pinterest, be wary. It can consume your life.

One of the recipes I pinned were these pretzels rolls, which I made last night for our Sabbath dinner. They were simple and SO delicious. I HIGHLY recommend making them!


  1. Sure looks like she is enjoying the "big girl" bed. I would have loved to see her face the first time she realized she did not have jail bars any longer.

  2. The rolls look so yummy! Hard to believe C is big enough for a big girl bed.

  3. So, I went to the pretzel roll lady's blog. Um, it is a little too intimidating - everything is so perfectly beautiful in all her pictures. I went to another recipe and I wanted to cry because she and her family has celebrated Charles Dickens' birthday :( I can barely celebrate my own kids' birthdays... After seeing how to make pretzel rolls, I am really impressed by yours!