Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas and Christmas Camp

Our Christmas was very busy this year, as usual. We started out Christmas Eve morning at the Mecher's with Kyle's immediate family.

Strom boys retrieving presents.

Tiny present from the Stroms.

Doing some coloring.

In the afternoon, we went to my mom's to celebrate with her side of the family. Charlotte got this vintage Tickle Me Ernie that used to me my cousin, Bekah's.

She also got Elmo from Granny. We don't go anywhere without Ernie and Elmo.


Charlie and Grandma Auntie Barbie.

Trying on some of her new clothes.

The evening of Christmas Eve, we headed back to the Mecher's to celebrate with Kyle's extended family. On Christmas morning, we woke up in our house- our very first time! We had a delicious breakfast and opened some presents. We went to our church- again, a first!

After church, we went over to my dad's to celebrate with them. More delicious food. More presents. A really fun afternoon.

After my dad's we went back over to my mom's to celebrate with my stepdad's family. Every year, my mom makes this amazing spread of appetizers for dinner- it might be my favorite Christmas meal. When my mom and I got shopping the next morning, we get to have all of the delicious leftovers for lunch!

With a full day of rest, shopping, putting presents away, and packing (another first!), we headed up to camp on the 27th for our first venture to Covenant Point as Christmas Campers. We packed up Charlotte's toys in her backpack, hoping to make them last throughout the car ride. She had them all on her lap before we even started the car.

We had a really great time relaxing in our cabin, hanging out with camp friends, eating delicious food, and playing in the snow.


  1. Hey..Where did Charlotte get that cute ear warmer?

    love you, a.b.

  2. When did Charlotte get so old?