Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Blogpost Spectacular!

These are going to be super-random, but they are the only pictures we have taken since Halloween. We are delinquent parents.

Very into phones lately. Everything is a phone- calculator, remote, iPod. And mostly she talks to "Elmo."

For Thanksgiving this year we were at camp with Kyle's family. This was the bi-annual Thanksgiving/Grayden's birthday "dress as your favorite book character" costume breakfast. We were Wilbur and Charlotte.

The aftermath of Grayden's birthday pinata.

I made these cool bottles at Thanksgiving camp. I am in love with them.

Sometimes we'll catch Charlotte at Kyle's desk "coloring" (writing with pencil on his notebooks.)

A few weeks ago we went to Christkindlmarkt in Lincoln Square. It was kind of lame- mostly shopping and not much for the kids. However, we stopped at Timeless Toys, which Charlotte loved. Here we are by the Christmas Tree in the Square.

Decorating our Christmas tree one Sunday afternoon.

Charlotte mostly just laid them on the bottom branches.

Charlotte swiped some burnt garlic bread off our counter and very much enjoyed it. She kept saying "Mmmm."

She LOVES looking at pictures.

Last week we went to Winter Wonderfest at Navy Pier. Here's Charlotte and Kyle waiting in line for one of the bouncy slides. Sometimes she smiles like this. We're not sure why, but we love it.

Charlotte was climbing through this candy cane tunnel and I was waiting at the end for her. When she got right to the end she just sat down, with all of these other little kids waiting behind her. Another mom was standing there with me and I asked Charlotte to come out. As I reached in to get her out, she started screaming. (Charlotte never really cries, especially not when it's time to leave something- she's so good about that). The mom said to me "I think my son might have pushed her, I'm so sorry." And I said, "Oh, I didn't see him do anything, it's okay." About two hours later, Charlotte wet her clothes, so we had to take them all off and put on another outfit. As we were changing her, our cousin Olivia pointed to her back and said, "What's that?" What was it, you ask? Oh, don't worry, just a BITE MARK! The kid BIT HER! She has scabby teeth marks on her back!

She was running around all day, it was actually hard to get pictures of her!


  1. so many sweet pictures of Charlotte...really love he tree "decorating" and her scrunchy smile.

  2. Love the new pictures! I love how you have captured who she is with the photos...the squinty smile is outstanding!