Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Whew. We can finally breathe. Things have been CRAZY. I feel like I have not. stopped. moving. since November. Christmas Camp ended on January 1st and we burrowed into our house for the last few days to rest (just in time for me to become paralyzingly sick. perfect.) Anyways, here is Christmas!

We found these glasses on Gramma and Poppa's kitchen counter. Charlotte kept trying to grab them, but couldn't understand that they were on her face, so she just kept waving her hands 10 inches in front of them trying to get them.

We spent the day of the 23rd in Park Ridge, eating at Five Guys, having coffee with Kendell and Emma, and hanging out at the Bergs, doing crafts- my favorite!

On the morning of the 24th, we opened presents at Gramma and Poppa's.
I like how Adeline is perfectly modeling her gift tag here.

Check out the towers of presents!

Charlotte got a cutie owl sweater from Gramma.

I sure hope this girl doesn't grow up to hate owls, because I've certainly surrounded her with them.

Always fun with the cousins.

Charlie and Auntie Brooke

We spent the first part of Christmas Eve at the Mecher's.
Charlotte and Josh- she loves him!

Charlotte and Dan.

In the Christmas mug. Once Gladdy saw that we were taking her picture, he announced it to the living room and soon it was like Charlotte was on the red carpet. But there were so many people there to make her smile!

The second half of Christmas Eve was spent at my mom's house with the Duckhorn's.
Charlotte with Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Duckhorn.

Charlotte got this hat for Christmas that I am obviously in love with.
And my stepdad's cousin's 11 year old son, Eddie, who lives fairly close to us and we visit from time to time (we went to their house when Charlotte was just a few days old) crocheted her this sweet blanket! So cute!

Kyle rocking a Hello Kitty band-aid that Charlotte got for Christmas.

Christmas morning we all (Kyle, Charlotte, Mom, Bill, Amy, Pete, and I) went over to my Dad and Patti's for breakfast and presents.

Charlotte got this sweet giraffe to ride on!

Charlie with Auntie Amy and Pete.

Auntie Katie and Uncle Ben got so many presents!

Charlotte got this snow globe from Grandma Patti and Grandpa Rich- so cute!

And look what else! Those darling socks she asked for on the blog a few weeks ago!

I have no pictures of opening presents at my mom's, for some reason, but Charlotte got some pretty sweet toys- including tons of Veggie Tales movies! I was so excited to watch them myself! For the rest of Christmas day, we had my stepdad's family over to my mom's. She made her usual enormous, delicious display of appetizers (of which I ate FAR too many). The next day her and I went day after Christmas shopping- our favorite thing to do together- and got some great deals!

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  1. I love Charlotte's cheeks! I love her little bit of hair that is growing in! It was such a pleasure to have you, Kyle and Charlotte here for Christmas!