Sunday, January 16, 2011

Charlotte is seven months old!
Every month I take probably 20 or so shots of her sitting in that chair and this month it was so hard to pick one because they were all so cute!

This was the first month that Charlotte realized that there was a piece of paper sitting next to her in her chair.

It wasn't long before...

... it ended up in her mouth.


  1. Ah, you made my day. And I have a new color printer. Now I have to decide which photo to print up. Decisions, decisions. I'd print tham all but I have to be a good steward . . .

  2. UGH! She is too cute. I feel like she has so much hair all of a sudden. Thanks for the new pictures!

  3. Oh my...thank you so much. I am so in love with this girl! She is sooo happy in the water.

  4. She's so cute! She has such great, big brown eyes. Love them! I love that she finally realized there was a piece of paper next to her...and, of course, it needs to go in her mouth! I need some printed photos of Charlotte!

  5. I just noticed you put the wrong year on your seven months sign! Oops!