Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This weekend we had a really big retreat and the Rills were kind enough to watch Charlotte all weekend. On Monday morning, the last meal of the retreat, I just kept Charlotte with me and brought her to the kitchen. She was such a dear to play on some towels with some kitchen utensils while Mommy and Daddy baked fresh biscuits for everyone.

Charlotte is really into snacking lately. She enjoys feeding herself crackers, teething biscuits, apple slices, and carrot sticks. Here are some of the snacks that Charlotte shared with Mommy today:

This video is from Christmas, but it's Charlotte enjoying my sister, Katie's dancing.

This is also from around Christmas- Charlotte taking her first ride on her new sled from Gramma and Poppa. She's about to go down for a nap, which is why she may look so indifferent. Normally on her sled she smiles and laughs.


  1. I think Charlotte's non-plussed sleigh ride shows that she is going to be a summer girl like her granny!
    And...that video of Charlotte laughing at Katie is tooooo fun.

  2. I LOVE the faces that girl makes!