Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Charlotte and I have been so sick! BOOOOO!!!! She has been sick since we got home from Christmas, poor girl. I started getting sick on New Year's Day. We have been laying around the house since then. At first it was kind of wonderful. Kyle pulled our guest bed into the living room and for two days we laid on it and had a Harry Potter movie marathon. But now, I'm ready to be better (and am far from it). We have another group coming in a few days and Charlotte and I want to go to Marquette with Lauren- we need to get better!

Charlotte's newest trick is sitting up pretty well by herself- but even more exciting is that we put her in the real bathtub sitting up a few days ago and she LOVES it!

The first time I put her in the tub she was so sick, so I was hoping it would make her feel better. She actually loved it, but doesn't she look so pathetic?

She loves the bath toys, Grandma and Grandpa Duck!

I had to cook during Christmas Camp, while Charlotte was sick :( so we had a string of really awesome sitters! Thanks, Heather, Lynn, Megan, Sarah, and Johanna! Auntie Heather snatched her up any chance she got and loved laughing back and forth with her.

Charlie lovin' that snow globe. Don't be fooled by the yawn.


  1. I love the bathtub pics...I think she is going to like sunbtanning and pool time come summer!

  2. She is SO cute...even when she is under the weather!!!

  3. i love the pics but i loved seeing you in person better.

  4. Thanks for the updates. She is wonderful! I will, of course, need the Christmas mug photo in 5x7 and 4x6 - not sure what my display is going to look like.