Monday, November 1, 2010

Yesterday our church hosted it's very first Trunk or Treat. It was SO FUN. We all decorated our trunks and handed out candy from them, dressed up, and ate free chili, hot dogs, donuts, popcorn, and other snacks. We ran out of candy three times and had to run to the store to get more- we think there were probably 2 or 3 hundred people at church over the course of three hours last night! Charlotte was snatched up by a friend from church and then we didn't see her for an hour or so. By the time we got her outside it was cold and getting dark, so we didn't get a ton of pictures of her, but there are a few.

This is Charlotte after church yesterday morning, in her Halloween outfit.

Our friend, Paul, dressed up as Colby.

Our other friend, Nick, dressed up as Lauren, Colby's girlfriend.

Linnea was her favorite children's book, Caps for Sale.

Lisa was a ladybug and Laurel was a monkey.

Lynn and Bill were Ma and Pa.

Our friend, Andrew, is a state trooper and locked up these two burglars.

Us and the little lady.

Super Charlie saves the day!

Soaring through the evening sky.

Wind whipping through her cape.

Our trunk!

Kyle hollowed out a pumpkin to put our candy in.


This is supposed to be Arnold Drummond (Gary Coleman).

New daddies and babies at church!
From left: Chris and Quinn, Kyle and Charlotte, Colby and Peyton

The little pumpkins, Quinn, Charlotte, and Peyton.
Quinn and Peyton were both born about a month after Charlotte.
Charlotte weighs almost 12 lbs.
Quinn: 15 or 16 lbs.
Peyton: 13 or 14 lbs.


  1. What a fun night! The pictures are, of course, fantastic and I LOVE that someone dressed up as Colby. Hilarious!

  2. Was it easy to put this together? I really want to do it at our church but am not sure how the NORTH SHORE will respond!!! Looks like so much fun and Charlotte is adorable. Glad Colby made it back in time to trick or treat.

  3. Great job on the costumes....and cute pumpkin hat, Lynn!

  4. We LOVE doing Trunk or Treat! What a great turn out! Other than Supergirl, I liked Caps for Sale the best. Tell Linnea I am going to steal it for school next year, because the teachers always dress up as famous literary characters...

  5. your daughter is so beautiful!
    and i love the super charlie picture.
    and of course your pumpkins.
    i'm just so impressed.
    lots of hugs to you all!