Friday, November 5, 2010

Why does Charlotte eat like a crazy person?

Seriously, does anyone have any thoughts?
She eats like this in any position- totally pinned down in my arms, sitting up, lying down, laying on her back free. She has always kind of eaten like this (one of several reasons I stopped breastfeeding), but it seems to have gotten worse in the last couple of weeks.

Gas is one of the suggestions I always get, but she becomes IRATE when you try to stop and burp her and even if she burps, it does not get better.

Teething has been another suggestion, which could still be true, but I have tried to give her Orajel, Tylenol, and Motrin before eating and none have helped. And... she never appears to be in pain and she usually doesn't cry when she is acting crazy, it just looks like she keeps coming up for air or something.

I've tried giving her rice cereal (upon my doctor's suggestion), but she's still not sure what to do with a spoon in her mouth and hardly ingests any food, it mostly all comes back out.

The feeding wrestling match 4-5 times a day is driving me BANANAS. Can anyone help?


  1. Jenny, this might be really random coming from me, but we had a similar problem with a 3 month-old baby that started at our daycare center. He did the exact same thing, took a few gulps, pushed it away, but then acted like he wanted it the whole time. His mom said he needed a premature nipple for his bottle, and it worked. He can drink a bottle now without taking so many random breaks. Maybe that would help?

  2. I was wondering about bottles too...have you tried different ones? I remember with K that it took a few trials to find one that she liked. After that, have you thought about allergies (gluten, milk, soy, etc)? I know that one is a pain to think about, so I would try the bottles / nipples first. Good luck. Very trying and frustrating.

  3. Now I don't have a baby or anything but to me it looks like she pushes it away when she looks like she's gagging on it. We all know your gag reflex that Charlotte received and so I concur with the above statements and think you should try to find a really small nipple of the bottle? My uneducated opinion, anyway. She's still totally cute, though!

  4. Ooh my guess is the nipple on the bottle or that she's not hungry? Do you feed her by the clock or her cue? If it's by the clock I would maybe stop and wait for her to ask for it (guessing you've probably already thought of it this though).

  5. Okay...she did not feed like that with me. Remember? She was totally relaxed and calm. I think she like me!
    She seemed to like a sitting up position when I had her. Also...I did not warm up her milk like you do. I just used warm water. So...maybe it's too hot?????

  6. Sorry sweetie, no clue. but I know you will figure it out and be of tremendous help to some mother you meet someday who is having the same problem. Love you. Can't wait for Thanksgiving to hold the squirmy little one.