Sunday, November 14, 2010

Charlotte loves to stand. Sitting, not so much. This is what she does when we put her in her Bumbo seat.

Every time I grab her little hands and let her pull herself up, her whole little body goes rigid and she locks her knees to pull herself to standing. I have to, like, push her little thighs down to make her sit down. So. We're working on sitting up by ourselves this week.

Recently Kyle and I took Charlotte for her first (very short) bike ride. She looks less than thrilled, wouldn't you say?

She actually fell asleep on our ride.

Yesterday I participated in my first craft fair! I signed up really late and spent Thursday and Friday crafting like a mad woman. It went pretty well. I sold about $100 worth of stuff. I am already planning on signing up for another one in a few weeks.

And today. A lazy Sunday afternoon.


  1. Love your craft fair display and tags! I am sure people made lots of interesting comments...they always have insights into the bottle cap jewelery...such as, "what a great way to re-cycle." Hmmm....Good job you crafty mommma!