Thursday, June 17, 2010

She's Here!

Charlotte Amy Mecher
Born June 16, 2010
6 lbs 3 oz
17.5 inches

"A little bag of Sugar"

Just some quick shots to tied you over

First Picture

She worked so hard. I tear up with pride whenever I think about it.
You are my hero Jenny.

The Fam

Thank you all for all your love, prayers and support (and gorgeous flowers).

We (Jenny, Charlotte and I) love you.


  1. she's gorgeous!! we love her already! Can't wait to meet her on July 4th when we bring Kendell up! We've already been shopping and sewing!!

    love, aunt betty and uncle len

  2. Hooray for pictures and little girls!!!!!! We are so happy and excited for you.

  3. Oh my gosh! I am blown away by her cuteness. Love the lips, love that she has a heart shaped face like you, Jenny. It looks like she has a Williams nose. I can't wait to touch her..only 1 1/2 more days. Love the picture of all 3 of you. Love the picture of Jenny looking perfectly birthing a baby was easier than running a marathon!!!

  4. Aunt Barbie is on a hotel computer right now looking at the pics. She wanted me to tell you that she loves Charlotte. She can't wait to see and hold your beautiful daughter. The family picture is awesome!

  5. Thank you for the pictures! She looks absolutely perfect. Can't wait to hold her in my arms.

  6. UGHHH! I can't wait to smush that little baby! July 2nd. SHE IS MINE!!!

  7. I love her Jenny and Kyle and I love her name. Congrats to the new family of three! :)

  8. She is perfect! We are so blessed! Thanks Charlotte, for arriving at just the perfect time. We would have hated to wait until mid-July to see her. We love you all!

  9. advice, well here is mine from a mom of 5. hold her as much as you can that "spoiled baby "thing, a big lie. don't leave her any where you wouldnt leave a millon dollars and every day is a gift. If it weren't awesome would we have done it 5 times!? we love you guys and know you have just steped in to one of Gods best ideas being mom and dad enjoy the ride and we look forward to living it with you in this great big crazy family full of love.T.

  10. Well done! Beautiful little Charlotte. I'll make sure she gets outfitted in Red Sox gear as soon as possible.
    Much Love - Uncle Jim

  11. Congratulations, Jenny and Kyle, on the birth of your daughter, Charlotte. We are so happy for you -she is beautiful! We are also glad that everyone is healthy and well!

  12. jenny you look great! amazing, really! good job and i cant wait to hear the whole story! :)

    i'm sad we couldnt see you guys before we left on vaca! well, keep posting pictures so i can stay up to date! :)

  13. She is so cute and so tiny. I want to hold her and kiss her sweet little face! Jenny, you look pretty! There's a song that sometimes comes on our "Raffi" Pandora station that says "Little sack of sugar, I could eat you up!" I've been singing that over and over after hearing that Charlotte is like a little bag of sugar. Ah! You guys are parents. I can't wait to hear all your gives me flashbacks...all the way back to 7 months ago!