Thursday, June 3, 2010

Long-awaited pictures of the baby's room. It is so cozy and cute in there, I just want to sit in the glider and look around all of the time. (I realize this may be disorienting, but these pictures are in order from what you see right when you walk in the door, moving clockwise around the room):

This little red rocking chair was my Grandma Duckhorn's when she was little. It might be hard to tell here, but it is SO TINY.

We are so ready to take care of this little girl's butt.

Woodland animals. My favorite. You'll see more of those in a moment.

She has so many accessories!

More woodland animals on her mobile. It was hard to get a good picture of them, but there is a fox, a racoon, an owl, and a red squirrel.

Her closet is still under construction. I need Kyle to rearrange some of the shelves. (Although when he wasn't around, I DID move the twin bed on my own and assemble the bookcase- which I paid dearly for later, don't worry- so maybe I should just do it on my own...)

All of her little dresses and cardigans!

A really cute book that was assembled at my church shower. It's a book of "Parenting Pointers" from all of the women that were there.

These are the pictures that are on display around the room:
from Matilda

Charlotte's Web

Curious George Goes to the Library

The Sneetches


Where the Wild Things Are

Fox in Socks
(My Grandma Duck used to read this to me)

The Giving Tree

She's slowly taking over the kitchen...

... and the bathroom, but we LOVE it!


  1. Yes, I would just want to sit in there too. whenever I do something new to the house, I keep returning there time after time just to gaze. Everything looks adorable and of course, I absolutely love the little rocker piled high with books. So cute! Can't wait to get up there and see it in person. So when are you going to have this baby? :)

  2. ok, I am dying here.

    I have never, NEVER. wanted a baby more than I do right this minute, looking at that nursery. Did you make the children's book artwork??

    You have done a beyond beautiful job. You are already wonderful parents!

  3. Wow! You are so ready and so organized. I can't wait to spend the night in baby JP's room. I hope my breeze box fan doesn't blow it all into disarray!
    Your pictures of storybooks are fantastic.
    The organizer with hairstuff made me laugh because you and Amy didn't have any hair to play with until you were way over a year old.
    I'm so glad we got the forest animal fits perfectly.
    I truly can't wait!