Monday, June 21, 2010

Days with Charlotte

We have not turned on the TV since we got home.
Charlotte is our new favorite hobby.

At Charlotte's check up this week we learned that she has grown 1/2 inch, and put 3 ounces back on bringing her weight to a whopping 5 lbs 14 oz.
Praise God, we love our pediatrician.
We also learned that we should be doing "Tummy Time" even at this ripe young age. Charlotte nearly flipped herself back onto her back as the Dr. was demonstrating. So, tonight we had tummy time on Daddy's chest.

In the elevator, on our way up to the doctor's office, a woman saw Charlotte in this outfit, with this blanket...

... and said, "He's so cute! It's a boy, right?" Um, really?!

We took her on our first walk the other day.

We simulated my lightening speed with the jogging stroller.

Spending the afternoon listening to Grandma Jan tell her everything she needs to know about the Blackhawks. (She's been a die-hard fan since 1983, everyone).

Some of our favorite pictures of sweet Charlotte.

We could not be more in love. She is a complete angel. So far, she has slept at least one 4, 5, or 6 hour stretch at night (sometimes I think that if I didn't wake her up to feed her, she would sleep the whole night!) She eats like a champ. When she is awake, she is totally content doing whatever and being held by whomever. We have yet to hear a real good cry... just some whimpering when she's hungry. We'll see what the next week brings!


  1. O the bliss of a new update! She is so adorable! Was distressed at first at the jogging stroller photo so was relieved to see the word "simulated." I just wish I could smell her from the pictures. :)

  2. Aunt Debbie asked me to post this for her:
    Jenny & Kyle & little sweet Charlotte -

    Happy belated BIRTH-day!

    Great Grandma Mecher and I think she is beautiful and we love reading your blog.

    We felt like we were with you and Kyle, got teary-eyed and then wanted to yell "Push!"

    Enjoy, enjoy your new little bundle of joy.

    Aunt Debbie

  3. You have got to be kidding can she be any cuter and why haven't I held her yet!? I LOVE the hands picture and the one where she is yawning. Also, how could people be so dumb...obviously a girl. Unfortunately that will not be the last time someone says that! Thank for the update.

  4. She is obviously the cutest baby in the universe.

    I especially love the 8th one down. The classic Williams-girl "get out of my face" look.

  5. AHHHHHHH! Congratulations Jenny and Kyle and welcome little Charlotte! She is so beautiful! We cannot wait to meet her. Enjoy these precious first weeks!

  6. Hey Amy...maybe that 8th picture down is the "I've had enough pictures taken of me" face that you and Jenny used to give me. hah! Maybe Jenny really is just like ME!

  7. Could she be anymore adorable? Here is the funny part - I was just "in on" a c-section of a 7lb 11oz, 35 1/2 week preemie! I keep looking at the 3lb 11oz babies in the special care nursery and try to imagine Charlotte. I cannot wait to see her in person!

  8. i cant wate to see littel camper!and be her nanny too.olivia