Monday, June 7, 2010

I am SO SICK of people telling me about how awful it's going to be to be a new mom. How I'm NEVER going to sleep again. And how sick I'll be of sitting in her room. How expensive babies are. How sick I'll be of changing diapers. How busy I'll be (magically, somehow, 24 hours a day, it seems...). And then it seems, especially if after much of this depressing-ness I finally admit, okay, yes, maybe I might be nervous for it to be difficult, they come out swinging with, "Ohhhh, but you'll be fiiiiiine. It's soooo wonderfuuuuul."

Oh, well, yes, you certainly make it sound wonderful, don't you?

And could we admit, for a second, that I might possibly have a different experience than you? That maybe my baby will be a good sleeper? Or that I'll love everything about being a new mom? Or that I have a wonderful husband who will help me do everything? Hm? Could we?

I'm just already soooo siiiiiick of the advice and telling me how my life is going to be. Mmmm, could I maybe just figure it out for myself?

Whew. Complain-y pants just wants to have her baby, already, please.


  1. A. You look like a total hottie in your blog profile picture.

    B. My best friend found being a new mom to be quite simple. It's all about flexibility. Sleeping when they sleep, cleaning with them strapped to you, whatever. People who complain are either 1) stupid, 2) not even parents, 3) not very selfless.

    (Good luck with everything! Can't wait to hear a name and see a face!)

  2. I hated that too Jenny. Advice from all the know at alls was no help to me! :)

  3. Jenny, you are going to LOVE being a new mom. And you are going to be such a great mommy. And you do have a wonderful husband who will be so helpful and loving and will love taking care of her as much as you do. Being a mommy truly is the greatest accomplishment and the most awesome responsibility. Enjoy every moment of it and don't let anyone try to convince you to dread it or resent it. I am so excited for you and I can't wait to meet this little lady!

  4. Jenny, I am the same way! I get so tired of all of the negative stuff! It seems like people hate having babies because the only thing anyone has to say is how terrible life is after a baby! It is super annoying! I just stopped listening and try to tell myself that there will be bumps along the way but that it can't possibly be that bad because lots of people are having babies!! Stay excited and have fun being a mommy!

  5. you might need to apply my advice from before to these wonderful people! You will love it and you will be amazing and we can't wait to meet her...SO SOON!

  6. Jenny,
    Having children is most rewarding. The hugs and kisses from your child are the best. You will be on a pedestal for years...they will think you are the best person in the whole world. The pride you will feel for your child is undescribable. And then....she will turn 14!!! and then you will fall off the pedestal...oops! but, she will return to thinking you are wonderful when she has graduated from least that's what happened to me.
    Newborns take alot of time and's true. Then before you know it she is dressing herself, etc. I hope you have an easier time than I did with 2 at the same time...
    I love you and your little girl.

  7. You don't really know me (I'm a friend of Courtney and Erik's) but I just had twins in December. I heard all the time how hard it was going to be, I would be feeding them all the time, to make sure I had plenty of help, sleep when they sleep, blah, blah, blah...other people freaked me out. I am happy to report that I had/am having a great experience. I had more free time when they were born than I expected, got great sleep between feedings, a wonderful husband who helped with everything so we didn't need others to help and never felt like I needed to nap. It is really not that bad and I am saying that after having 2 babies. It is more like moments that are bad and the rest of the time is great!